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We are pleased to announce that our February 2017 mission to Chisec Guatemala was an outstanding success.  The Doctors, CDA's, Hygienists and spouses from Baker Hill Dental with KIA were able to help over 500 needy people to feel free of dental  pain, some for the first time in years. Our hearts were melted by the welcome we received from the local Myan people who took us into their homes and shared their food with us. With the expertise of Kindness In Action, a non profit dental charity based out of Alberta, we were able to supply dental hygiene, education, restorative work and surgical treatments to a population of people completely cut off from access to modern dental treatment.


I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our generous friends, local businesses, humanitarians and patients who made this trip a reality. Without you this would not have been possible.  I truly believe that these trips not only benefit those treated but also opens the hearts of the workers who provide the treatment. Canada gains a reputation of being a caring nation and the lives of all involved are changed forever. I know, I now have a greater understanding of the comforts I had always taken for granted, clean drinking water, electricity, sanitation, access to medical care just to name a few.


We are looking  forward to future volunteer trips hoping to make a difference in the lives of the worlds people with no access to modern dentistry.  We would again like to thank you all for making this one of our many goals here at Baker Hill Dental possible. Thank you for being a part of something bigger!